Nomad Earth Media was founded by Andreas Jaritz and Mario Hainzl with the goal of combining modern storytelling and multimedia marketing strategies. From the initial concept, to production, shooting, post-production and bringing story-driven documentaries to market, Nomad Earth aims to create user experiences around documentaries, films and brand-focused videos.

Using their background in media communications and marketing, Jaritz and Hainzl brought their first film project, The Old, the Young & the Sea, to an audience of over 30,000 cinema goes throughout Europe. Thanks to new techniques in the pre-market phase of the movie,

as well as innovative selling techniques for their movie, they achieved considerable success. The second movie production, Beyond, was written and shot by the company in 2015 and will be released in 2017. Apart from their documentary work focused primarily on the cinema, they offer their production, creative and marketing skills to customers who seek to create a storytelling driven, cross-media environment around their product. Fields of work include film, campaign-based social media, photography, and textual work in branded and documentarian environments, including marketing to target audiences via all channels available.


Andreas Jaritz

Managing Producer, Founder

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Mario Hainzl

Creative Director, Founder

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Vanessa Kröll

In-House Producer


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